Sustainability reviews

We know that the heating, lighting and cooling of buildings is responsible for about 60% of the nations carbon emissions.

The Government is looking to the built environment to contribute to the UKs achievement of zero-carbon status by 2060. The importance being placed on this target along with long-term concerns over the security of our energy supply indicates that energy efficiency / reduction and the promotion of low / zero-carbon technologies will be the subject of increasing focus.

New laws have recently been introduced governing commercial premises, which mean that regular checks on emissions from services such as air conditioning are now a legal requirement.

Energy surveys on commercial buildings are being promoted as part of an industry wide initiative. Argent have adopted, across all our contracts, an approach first championed by government to follow an intensive advice to consumers and clients route, educating users on savings that can be made by regular servicing and careful use of heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems.

We use a simple energy efficiency check, completed by service engineers during routine visits, to record important features of the system. We suggest ways that the system and building can be made more energy efficient, reducing energy and improving effectiveness. Recent work includes a series of site surveys for the Ministry of Defence, including 526 buildings in Aldershot, 354 buildings in Warminster, 312 buildings in Tidworth / Bulford and 431 buildings in Larkhill.