Risk assessments

As each new project or maintenance contract begins, together with the client, we agree a contract plan. This details the scope of services, programme, including specific method statements, risk assessments and external legislative policies that may impact on the contract.

This means that all parties are fully aware of the scope of services and can access the contract plan at any time to check the agreed health and safety protocols, programme, reporting procedures etc.

Project, site and task specific risk assessments and method statements are loaded into the CAFM for engineers to access each time they undertake a task. There are no short cuts. This gives us certainty that we will get it right first time, across all the different elements of the contract.

Mitigating known risks
With one particular NHS Trust we proposed a new protocol to avoid risks to vital services. This comprised drawing up a critical spares list, so replacements could be held on site. This reduced engineer visits to the site, down time and costs, effects immediate replacement of parts, allowing return to a fully functioning facility within hours. There have been no ward closures over last 2 years.