Condition surveys

It is vital to understand the status of plant and services to properly maintain and deploy (in a compliant manner) legacy equipment across large, complex estates or even single buildings. This helps to evaluate the most efficient planned maintenance strategy for any campus or building. This is particularly relevant at the purchase or sale of the premises ,it is also an opportunity to identify where plant and equipment has reached the end of it life and does not meet current legislation.

A particular challenge for many large organisations is the certification of gas boilers. Insurers often require detailed reports and up to date certification before they will issue a policy.

Argent’s condition survey identifies all critical plant, and can log it into our CAFM. This becomes an updateable asset register which not only details when certification is due for renewal, but logs maintenance schedules and ‘end of life’ dates. This integrated estate-wide approach helps organisations develop long term plans for their services as well as alerting them to day to day good housekeeping issues.

For one London mental health Trust, this integrated approach identified why plant was not functioning properly, created an asset register which noted what plant needed renewing in the next 3 years and helped them implement a programme of returning the buildings to running the way they were designed to run. The outcome was that the call out rate was reduced by 45% over the course of the contract.