Airport environments

In 24/7 environments any disruption to the smooth operation of services has a dramatic effect not only on customer satisfaction, but health and safety, profitability and reputation. Getting it wrong has long term implications – getting it right means it’s just ‘business as usual’.

Our project teams are selected for their specific expertise in key sectors and we can draw on a wealth of experience amassed over years working in airports.

Airports are unique in that many stakeholders (agencies, organisations, companies and individuals) interact together in a common ‘real time’ environment to achieve the single goal of successfully processing arriving and departing passengers and cargo.

Our experience of the airport environment has taught us that each stakeholder forms an important link in the long chain that is necessary for the safe and swift handling of passengers. Any delay caused by or imposed on these vital links can have a potentially adverse effect both in terms of passenger discomfort and financial penalties imposed by the delayed departure of aircraft.

We are focused on mitigating the effect of building works in airport by maintaining the highest standards of performance. We minimise the impact of our activities in environments where we are working in close proximity to the public through detailed planning, robust processes and clear communication across all stakeholders.

Our performance is measured, regularly reviewed and improvements fed back into our processes.

Working with airport personnel

Our team are not only experienced in working in secure, mission critical facilities and high profile public buildings, but also understand the importance of working to exacting airport security protocols, specifications and targets. Our dedicated site teams work alongside in-house personnel collaborating to deliver all stakeholders’ objectives, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimum efficiency. Our management team promotes the same ‘excellence’ ethos across the supply chain, encouraging best value services and solutions at every stage.

We ensure we perform to consistently high quality standards through a project execution plan which includes:

  • Project definition and brief
  • Roles, responsibilities and stakeholders
  • Quality assurance
  • Meeting structure and reporting procedures
  • Programme management
  • Project cost plan and cost management procedures
  • Risk management
  • Contracting and procurement
  • Safety and environmental issues
  • Commissioning, handover and defects liability
  • PR strategy and third party liaison
  • Previous project evaluation / team experience review / project briefing
  • Post project evaluation / review

A ‘one stop shop’ service for airport environments:

  • Partitioning, false ceilings
  • Decorations, floor coverings
  • Air conditioning (installation/refurbishment/management)
  • Air/water hygiene systems
  • Building controls
  • Building management systems
  • Data cabling
  • Delapidation reports
  • Ductwork
  • Energy/sustainability surveys, solutions, supply and installation
  • Gas safety systems
  • Heating
  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Piped gases
  • Plumbing
  • Power supplies
  • Risk assessments/surveys
  • Sanitation
  • Security installations
  • Ventilation systems
  • Voice/data communications